Content Security Policy (CSP)

jQuery & CSP

Here's what you need to know with using jQuery with a Content-Security-Policy HTTP response header or meta tag.

jQuery css() function

jQuery code that calls the css() function to set the style attribute of an element may be blocked by CSP. You should change such code to use addClass if possible.

jQuery attr() function

jQuery code that calls the attr() function to set the style attribute, or any javascript event handler attribute (eg onclick, onmouseover, etc) of an element will be blocked by CSP.

For jQuery code that attempts to set a javascript event handler attribute, you should change such code to use jQuery's event handlers instead if possible. For example:

Don't do this:

$(selector).attr('onclick', 'doSomething()');

Do this instead:


Using the jQuery click or on() event handlers hook directly into the browser events without needing to inject HTML attributes into the DOM. CSP is cool with that.

jQuery 1.x CSP Issues

In Firefox you might get an error when loading a jQuery 1.x version with a Content-Security-Policy header, such as:

Content Security Policy: The page's settings blocked the loading of a resource at inline ("script-src"). jquery-1.12.4.js:4743

If you look at that bit of code in jQuery, you will see this:

	// Support: IE<9 (lack submit/change bubble), Firefox (lack focus(in | out) events)
	// Beware of CSP restrictions (
	div.setAttribute( eventName, "t" );

So as you can see the jQuery authors are well aware of CSP, but are doing this to patch browser features that might be lacking.

Other jQuery CSP Issues

Are you aware of other issues with implementing CSP with jQuery? Let me know, so we can update this page.

CSP Developer Field Guide

CSP Developer Field Guide

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